Ask a Virtual Receptionist! Today’s Topic: Pricing

We recently had a poll on the Ruby® Facebook page and asked which question you’d like to see next on “Ask a Virtual Receptionist!” Without further ado, this week’s question is: What would you say if someone asked about the company’s pricing? Virtual receptionist Jami R. took on the challenge!

Did you know that you can provide us with a short list of FAQs? For example, attorneys might tell us whether they offer free consultations and what their per hour rates are, so that the receptionist can easily relay the answer at a glance. We’d also be happy to include a price list for our receptionists to quote ballpark figures.

However, if we don’t have this info on-hand, or if you’d prefer to quote prices yourself, our whip-smart virtual receptionists have a professional, helpful response at the ready!

Virtual Receptionist Jami R.
Virtual Receptionist Jami R.

Going off the attorney example, what would Jami say if a caller asked about rates?

Jami: I would relay to the caller, “The attorney prefers to answer any questions pertaining to rates and fees himself. One moment while I try his line.”

Not a lawyer? No sweat — Jami has an answer for that, too!

Jami: If the company is not a law firm, I would scan the account for the person who takes new inquiry calls. I would then tell the caller, “So-and-so is the best person to assist you with that question. One moment while I ring their line.”

As Jami said herself, “No matter what the question is- Ruby will find the answer! (Or at least direct you to the answer!)”

Keep your eye out for our next “Ask a Virtual Receptionist!” feature where we ask receptionist Lauren O., “When can I expect a return call?”

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