Ask a Virtual Receptionist: How to Keep Both Clients and Callers Happy

Phone tip: impressing callers
Virtual receptionist Misty H.

Some folks prefer listening to voicemail messages, and some dread it. So if you’re a written-message kind of person, how do you keep customers happy who ask to leave a voicemail? All it takes is a smile and some positive phrasing!

I tapped virtual receptionist Misty H. to see how she responds to this situation:

If the client’s instructions call for written messages and a caller asks for voicemail, what would you do?

Misty: “I’d say, ‘John prefers that I take his messages, but I’d be happy to take down your phone number and make sure he gets your message. May I have the best number to reach you?'”

The caller is reassured that John will get his or her message, and John gets his written message (via email and/or text from Ruby). Easy as pie!

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