Ask a Virtual Receptionist! Topic: Best Part of Being a Virtual Receptionist

Virtual receptionist Joni D.
Receptionist Joni D.

Being a virtual receptionist is an unusual job; you get to talk to clients and callers all over the country about a range of topics, and you never know who’s going to be your next call. It could be someone calling to get more info on a product, someone having a bad day, a famous celebrity, or it could even be your neighbor from your hometown. It certainly keeps you on your toes!

But what’s the best part of being a virtual receptionist here at Ruby? I asked receptionist Joni D. just that question:

Getting to interact with so many people, I always find myself smiling. The opportunity to help someone, whether in a small way or a big way, is truly a blessing. I love my job!

We have so many opportunities to help throughout the day — and not just help, but really make a difference in how someone’s day goes!

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