In Our Customer's Shoes

At our all-staff meeting last month we kicked off 2017 with an exciting new theme, “In Our Customer’s Shoes!” We’re thrilled to build our year around a theme that combines so many of our core values—and is stylish to boot.

We wanted this theme to reflect our desire to get to know our customers better than ever, so we can anticipate their needs and provide exceptional experiences. This driving theme will help us perpetually improve our services so we can continue to help our customers grow!

What “In Our Customer’s Shoes” Means to Us

At Ruby, we provide virtual receptionist services for a variety of industries including attorneys, contractors, financial professionals, real estate agents, marketing agencies, and more.

As we grow and work with more industries, we’ve realized one critical, often-overlooked thing. The shoes worn by an attorney look very different than those worn by a contractor.

In most cases, their shoes are quite literally different. The work boots stand apart from heels or sneakers—and the people wearing those shoes have different needs and work in a variety of environments.

The more we understand our customers, the better we’re able to WOW them!

How it Fits with our Core Values

We live and breathe our core values, so naturally, we had to pick a theme that appeals to all of them!

  • Foster Happiness – Our goal is to provide callers with real, meaningful connections made on behalf of our customers. By standing in their shoes, we get a better idea of what those connections should look like!
  • Practice WOWism – Every industry comes with different needs and new challenges. Understanding the nuances of each industry helps us WOW customers and callers alike by anticipating, then exceeding, their needs.
  • Create Community – When our customers win, we win. At Ruby, we consider ourselves part of our customers’ team, so naturally, we want to truly understand what that team needs.
  • Innovate – The better we understand the needs of our customers, the more capable we are of innovating to create a better customer experience!
  • Grow – Understanding our customers is the first step to helping them flourish!

We can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!

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