An Unbeatable Team: Virtual Receptionists and In-House Staff

Virtual receptionists and in-house receptionists: an unbeatable team
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We’ve talked a lot about how a live virtual receptionist service can make a great first impression for your business. However, what if you have already have someone in-house who can answer phones? Here are four reasons having a backup phone answering crew can help your business:

Your in-house receptionist needs to focus on a project.

The beauty of having support on-site, is that he or she can also do side projects that an answering service or virtual receptionist service might not. If those projects need special attention to detail or require them to run an errand, though, that leaves the phone in the lurch.

Someone’s at the door.

In the same vein, an in-house receptionist is a friendly face for anyone walking into your office. While they are helping visitors and clients in person, Ruby will answer your calls — your clients are taken care of, no matter where they are.

There are simply too many calls.

No doubt every small business owner dreams of hearing the sound of the phone ringing off the hook. But are some of those prospects slipping through your fingers because of long hold times or when calls roll to voicemail? If your receptionist is tied up, our team will seamlessly spring into action, answering and routing calls without you having to worry about what you’re missing.

Your staff needs to eat.

Let’s face it, no one person can work 13 hours a day, five days a week (plus Saturdays!) — but Ruby can! Our virtual receptionists are like your own friendly, cheerful reserves, ready to step in whenever your in-house help needs a break or time off, or just isn’t feeling her best. And rather than paying salary and benefits for another employee, Ruby only charges for the time the virtual receptionist is involved.

Many of our clients utilize Ruby® Receptionists as a helpful and convenient back-up, including Oklahoma law firm Parman and Easterday.

Elizabeth Gillum, the firm’s Director of First Impressions, says, “The friendly and accommodating voice that consistently answers the phone and introduces themselves as ‘Ruby’ makes our callers feel confident that their issues and concerns are going to be taken care of. If our receptionist is in a meeting or away from her desk, and we are expecting an important call, we are completely comfortable knowing that Ruby Receptionists will be handling that call with professionalism, grace, and accuracy.”

She went on to say that “clients often ask about ‘Ruby’ and compliment her on her cheerfulness, helpfulness, and willingness to help them!”

Our friendly virtual receptionists thrive on being an extension of your team, working together with you and your staff to keep clients and customers happy. Want to find out more? Check out our helpful FAQ or post your question below!

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