What’s better than going on a Hawaiian vacation? Coming back to the office to find a custom-made video waiting in your inbox.

Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t a gift at all; at least not in a traditional sense. When Associate Problem Solver, Chloe got a status update from Danielle, she knew this was much more than business as usual.

Danielle emailed to let Ruby know that she’d be heading to Hawaii for a few days and asked us to hold her calls during that time. Not a particularly unusual request, but what Chloe did next is certainly going above and beyond. Chloe marked Danielle’s return date on her calendar as a reminder. In the meantime, she wrote a personalized song for Danielle to help her ease back into life on the mainland.

When her calendar reminder popped up on Danielle’s return date, Chloe grabbed her ukulele and recorded the song for Danielle to make sure she got it at just the right time. Clearly, Danielle was impressed.

She emailed in to Ruby not once but twice to brag about Chloe’s rhyme skills, share her delight, and recognize how proud she was to work with Ruby.

“The fact that Chloe took my vacation info, executed it perfectly, and then sent me a fun video that made me smile was simply awesome. I am proud to be hers and Ruby’s partner!”

What’s more, Chloe only picked up a ukulele for the first time two years ago. Since then, she’s been making strides in learning the instrument, and has even started her own YouTube channel to share her music.

Using her own unique personality and talents to create connections? Sounds like a Ruby, alright!

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