Last year, Ruby Receptionists volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank to make a difference in our community.  The experience impacted us so much that we knew we had to go again this year.  Last year, about 15 Rubys and Ruby friends and family participated.  This year a team of over 20 stormed the food bank ready to work.

Our team worked diligently with other groups and volunteers in a chilly room where we sorted frozen carrots from giant boxes into smaller two-pound bags that would then be distributed to individuals in need.  It was hard work, but my coworkers always amaze me with their unfailing morale and relentless teamwork.  Together we kept each other’s spirits high and had fun while benefiting a really great cause.

After our shift of packing carrots, we took a tour of the facility and learned about all the programs they offer.  Even though I had gone on this tour last year, it was just as impressive to see again the magnitude of what our food bank does for the community.  At the end of the tour, our shift leader shared with us how much our little one-hour shift meant.  Our group that night packed a total of 9,771 pounds of food.  That’s 7,520 meals!  Each volunteer was responsible for 58 meals in just a sixty-minute shift.  It’s amazing what a difference an hour of your time can make.

In these troubled times, we learned that the need for food and assistance from the food bank is at almost record highs.  Bleak as that may sound, I left with more hope than anything.  Even in hard times, I was humbled to see the commitment and dedication of the food bank employees and volunteers.  It was that commitment that lit a little fire in my heart, and I was proud to be a Ruby that night.  We were all proud to be Rubys that night.