Receptionist tip: responding to "how are you?"
Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

How often have you had this exchange: “Hi! How are you?” “Good. How are you?” “Good.” …Cue the crickets. Our responses are habit, small courtesies that pass our lips without a thought as to why we’re saying it in the first place. The next time someone asks how you’re doing, disrupt these tired expressions in favor of sparking a meaningful conversation!

Phoebe recently shared how to breathe positivity into every conversation, including a list of effusive modifiers and phrases. Well, the same enthusiastic strategy can help turn your responses to “How are you?” from canned to curious.

Instead of a meaningless “Good” (or its more grammatically correct cousin, “Well”), try saying:


The other party will likely be surprised and ask what put you in such a good mood!

If you find yourself uttering a knee-jerk “Good!” anyway (it’s a hard habit to break!), follow up with a bit more info. Even a comment about the weather can be refreshing once you’ve put a positive spin on it: “I’m doing well! The sun is shining — not something we get a lot of here in Portland!” I’ve heard our GM say something to that effect several times, and it never ceases to get the conversation rolling.

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Photo via Flickr user Derek Key