Why you need a remote receptionist
Virtual Receptionists Jerrolyn and Pennie

Notice I didn’t say a “good” receptionist is good for business. If the “job function” to borrow Steve Curtin’s term, was all that’s necessary, a machine might be able to route and transfer calls and record voicemail messages. But, as any savvy business owner knows, simply answering calls does not an exceptional receptionist make!

Rather, it comes down to the job essence: the why behind every action. At its core, the receptionist role sets the very first impression for your business and the tone for every customer interaction thereafter.

Not only would callers prefer to speak with a human being than a machine, happy receptionists answer the phone with a smile that travels through the telephone line. Their cheeriness and sincere empathy create goodwill and foster trust with every phone call. Not only that, happy receptionists — and happy employees in general—go out of their way to help customers and create memorable experiences. All of which means happy customers and a boost to your business.

There are other services that may provide some of the same functions as Ruby, as well as in-house receptionists who take being a “gatekeeper” seriously. But there’s nobody quite like Ruby because we take happiness seriously. WOW moments and general niceness come easily when you’re happy, and as customer experience expert Peter Shankman puts it (a bit more bluntly), nice wins.