I’ve been writing training materials for Ruby Receptionists for the past few years.  It’s a great job–I love writing, and it’s very rewarding to play a part in supporting the growth our virtual receptionist company.  Things at Ruby are always changing–new employees being hired, new job positions being created, new protocols being instated–and that means there’s always plenty of work for me to do.  It’s a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun.

I regularly refer to a number of writing-related websites when I have questions or just want to brush up on my skills.  The three sites listed below are among my favorites.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab contains a wealth of information about academic, business, and creative writing.  This rich resource is easy to navigate and incredibly expansive.  When I need writing help, this is often the first website I visit.

Author Patricia T. O’Conner addresses a wide variety of writing-related topics in her Grammarphobia blog, and clearly has fun doing it.  O’Conner’s daily posts are witty and easy to digest, much like her books (I adore Woe is I so much that I keep a copy of it at work and at home).  She tackles topics like grammar and etymology without a hint of stuffiness, and includes all sorts of interesting facts.  If you’re looking to impress the word lover in your life (or become one yourself), this blog is a must-read.

A great source for writing-related activities is this fantastic site sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation of Hartford, Connecticut.  Nearly every topic addressed on this site includes an interactive quiz component.  The five “notorious confusables” quizzes posted here are tricky and fun.  Check them out–I dare you to test your grammar knowledge!