A Day in the Life of a Ruby Virtual Receptionist

Working for Ruby Receptionists

The life of a Ruby Receptionist is a particularly exciting one. From talking to people all over the world to making personal connections with someone you have never met, there is never a dull moment. Each new day brings new scenarios and stories. Our clients often wonder what it is like to be a Ruby virtual receptionist. I get questions all the time like, “How do you gals stay so cheerful?” and, “What do they put in the water in Portland?!” I’d be happy to give you a peek into our world.

Good Morning!

Because Ruby answers your calls from 8am – 9pm EST, some of us have to wake up quite early. You know what that means: Coffee! When I get into the office at 6:30am, there are always at least 4 different pots of coffee waiting for me to choose from. I usually opt for our famed local brand, Stumptown Coffee Roaster’s Hair Bender blend. It has the perfect amount of kick to make my first call of the morning sound like I have been up for hours! A highlight of my day is walking to my desk in the morning. I greet and am greeted by at least five people. It is this sense of community that can make our growing company feel more like a small one. Once I hunker down at my desk and get my computer up and running and headset on, I am ready to take some calls!

Good Afternoon!

One of my favorite things to do as a Ruby is making personal connections. Whether it’s with our clients or callers, I love to get out of my comfort zone and fulfill unexpressed needs. To make a connection, I look for hints or clues that could lead me to learn something new about a client, find something in common, or simply surprise them. For example, if a client mentions that the weather has been really cold where they are, I might send them a little package that includes some touchscreen gloves and a gift card for coffee.

I might be scheduled to be in charge of Assists or updating our client’s status from our iPhone app. As an Assister, I get to switch things up; instead of simply answering incoming calls, I make calls on behalf of our clients to relay information and confirm appointments. This is really handy if our clients are busy in a meeting or simply want us to relay a message while they finish up a project. I like it because it gives me a chance to do something different!

Good Evening!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I attend Zumba in our Ruby Fitness room. It is the perfect break to get up from my desk and stretch my legs. Before I pack up for the day, I like to take five minutes to write in my happiness journal. I find that taking a few minutes to reflect on my day, and helps me to remember what I am grateful for. I love to take this time to think about the present and set goals for my future.

So there you have it. The typical day in the life of a Ruby virtual receptionist is fun, fast-paced and versatile. Every day is a new adventure from dressing up like your favorite superhero to taking some time to reflect on what you are grateful for. We get to be the first impression for our client’s callers and are encouraged to go above and beyond to wow them. Being a Ruby Receptionist offers employees the opportunity to be themselves while having fun in a place like no other!

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