oregons 100 2016

It’s rare for a company to sustain double-digit growth year after year, while maintaining a close-knit culture. Being named a top 10 “Best Company to Work For in Oregon” for the seventh year in a row is a testament to the amazing team we’ve built over the years and their desire to protect what makes Ruby special.

So here’s to the day makers—our fantastic Rubys who come to work every day ready to WOW our clients and each other. Rubys who go out of their way to comfort a coworker on a rough day with a slew of “Ruby Rave” notecards or stuff their cubicle full of balloons to celebrate a recent marriage. Rubys who use their culture funds to buy pizza and throw a goodbye party for their fellow team members moving to a new location. Ruby empowers our employees to be themselves and we’re consistently amazed by what they create.

Oh, and did we mention we’re hiring?