Quality receptionist etiquette is the name of the game here at Ruby® Receptionists.

Our virtual receptionist team knows how to make a positive impact within moments of picking up the phone. Our exchanges with callers are typically brief, but we’re always on the lookout for ways to connect and spread a little happiness. We’ve found it’s easy to make every telephone experience a great one, and you can do the same!

Whether your next chat is short or long, basic or involved, you can make a great impression on your caller with these five tips:

  1. Check in at the get-go. As soon as you know who you’re talking to, ask a polite question to engage your caller. “How are you?” is a standby, but if you know your caller well, try going for something more specific and open ended (“How’s your new house?”). A little warmth goes a long way!
  2. Slip a “thank you” into every exchange. Look for at least one opportunity to express your gratitude, even if it’s for something small. We recommend a polished “thank you” over a super casual “thanks”.
  3. Use words that pack a punch. The nice kind. You may only have a minute or two to chat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express a lot. Rather than saying “sure” or “okay,” exhibit your enthusiasm to be helpful with “Absolutely!” or “Certainly!”, “Of course!” or “You bet!”
  4. Balance a negative with a positive. If you can’t do what a caller is asking of you, follow your “no” with something you can do: “Jim is not currently here in the office, but I would be delighted to send a message letting him know you called!”
  5. Sign off with style. Cap your phone call with a friendly statement. You don’t have to talk for long to work in a nice sign-off: “Have a nice day, Dave! I’ll connect you to Terry’s line now.” Use your caller’s name if you can — it shows that you’ve been listening!

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