Top 5 Customer Service Resources

Small Business Week is a great opportunity to share our top small biz content. Today we’re featuring 5 more reader favorites from the Ruby Watercooler.

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1. Fly Your Small Business Flag!

People these days love to support small businesses—but connecting customer needs with the business that fulfills them can be difficult. That’s why it’s important that you take advantage of your small-time status. Guest blogger Michael Beck from Earth Class Mail discusses the who, what, and how of flying your small business flag!

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2. 5 Common Challenges Facing Small Businesses (and How to Overcome Them)

By preparing for these five common small business challenges, you may find them less challenging when the time comes for you to face them!


3. Small is BIG: How Customer Service is Boosting Business

In this blog post we talk to Pixelspoke, a long-time customer and designer of the Ruby website, about how small businesses are boosting their confidence.


4. Using Customer Personas for Small Business Success

Did you think buyer personas were just for big businesses with even bigger budgets? Nope! Customer (or buyer) personas are your opportunity to get to know your customers better than ever—and they’re attainable for businesses of every size.


5. Solo Start Up: Running with the Big Dogs Without Breaking the Bank

Starting a small business isn’t easy in a saturated market—especially when the competition in that market has a huge budget. In this post, guest blogger Susan Manns-Bates from Clients ARM discusses how a startup or small company can stand out against the big dogs.


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