Customer Service Tip: Creating Personal Connections

While the Mad Men days of drinks and cigars with clients are long gone, the idea still holds: People do business with people they like. When you and your staff make meaningful connections with clients, they become raving fans for life.

Here are five reasons rapport-building is good for business:

  1. WOW your customers. The more you get to know them, the more opportunities you’ll find to give them what they don’t even know they want.
  2. Build trust. In every business transaction, there’s an element of trust. An attorney’s client may be trusting them with their future; when ordering online, e-commerce customers are entrusting their personal information; and at Ruby, our clients are putting their companies’ reputations in our hands. When your staff shows how much they care, customers will have peace of mind that they’ve made the right choice.
  3. Bounce back. On those rare occasions when you stumble and make a mistake, your customers will give you the chance to make it up to them — as long as you’ve built trust and consistently delivered on your promises.
  4. Rise above competitors. Personal connections seem to be in short supply these days. We’re more attached to our phones than ever, and we may spend more time on our computers than engaging in meaningful conversations on any given day. When you make the effort to get to know your customers, your business will stand out.
  5. Have more fun. I shared a while back how making personal connections impacted my time as a Sales Associate. Not only did my sales numbers improve dramatically (by 100%!), I enjoyed my job a lot more. Or maybe, because I enjoyed my job more, I was better at my job. Either way, when you think of every caller, every customer, every coworker as your friend, suddenly work doesn’t feel so much like work.

Not sure where to start? Try these 10 ways to make meaningful connections with your clients!