Phone Tip: Creating Real Customer Connections
Photo by Karina

Not every customer loves a lengthy chat, so if you’re striving to make meaningful connections with your customers, it’s important to make every word count. Whether your next conversation with a customer lasts thirty seconds or three hours, these five little phrases will help you stand out as a customer service dynamo.

  • May I. When asking anything of your customers, ask nicely! Never demand information — although brief, a phrase like “I need your account number” is bossy enough to sour a customer’s mood. Stick with “May I” when seeking information, and when you get that information, always say…
  • Thank you! This classic never goes out of style. Slip “thank you” into your conversations with customers as often as possible. A heartfelt “thanks” is an absolute must when attending to a customer who’s been waiting for your attention, or retrieving a call that was placed on hold, or addressing any potential inconvenience: Thank you for your patience!”
  • How may I help you? Adding this one to your company’s telephone greeting is an easy way to showcase your team’s enthusiasm. You’re raring to help, right? Why not make that clear to every caller from moment one! For extra WOW-factor, begin your telephone greeting with a “thank you,” as in: “Thank you for calling ABC Company. How may I help you?
  • My pleasure! Kick lackluster replies like “sure” and “no problem” to the curb, and show your gusto with “My pleasure!” When customers ask for assistance, this two-word powerhouse lets them know you’re not only ready to help, but delighted to do so.
  • I’ll be happy to! This gem works a lot like “my pleasure” as an excited reply and doubles as a graceful question-dodger. When a customer throws a new question your way, resist the urge to give a dead-end response like “I don’t know,” and instead meet that question with an upbeat I’ll be happy to find out!” or I’ll be happy to look into that!” A pinch of “I’ll be happy to” here and there can help turn any tough question into an opportunity to impress.