5 Easy Ways to Make Personal Connections with Your Customers

It's easy to make personal connections!


When you cultivate positive interactions, your customers work for you— word-of-mouth is an often underestimated tool. Make personal connections to draw attention to your standout customer experience!

How many of your new clients chose your company because their friend raved about you? As a business owner, you likely know how important it is to make personal connections.  By simply getting to know your clients and fostering a little happiness, you’ll inevitably improve your bottom line. Plus, it makes work feel a lot less like work!

Plus, it makes work feel a lot less like work!

A recent Forbes article sums it up.  “The 7 Pillars of Connecting with Absolutely Anyone” shows how being helpful and genuine can help you make friends with anyone! But what exactly does this look like when you’re talking to a customer? How can you get the ball rolling?

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be a social butterfly. Here are five simple, actionable ways you can connect with your customers in a personal, meaningful way:

1. Send a notecard

Whether it’s for a big life event like a birthday or a wedding or is “just because,” a handwritten notecard shows that you’ve taken time out of your day and thought about them in a meaningful way. Keeping track of the details is a great way to make personal connections!

2. Ask how their day is going

“How are you?” is a great question, but “How is your day going?” or “How are you enjoying this sunshine?” are more unusual questions and less likely to get knee-jerk responses (“Fine, and you?”). Even if your customer responds generally, use enthusiastic words like “Fantastic” and “Wonderful” and share a little about yourself to spark a conversation.

3. Follow up after your phone call

A follow-up email after your phone call can add another touch of thoughtfulness to the exchange. Sometimes it can be practical to make personal connections— send a customer a summary of what you discussed or even a simple, “It was great speaking with you!” Each customer experience is a chance to make your mark!

4. Try a compliment!

Who doesn’t love a verbal pick-me-up? A compliment can instantly make you smile and turn your day around. “What a lovely name; my niece is also a Kaden!” or remarking on their order instantly shows you’re paying attention and that you care— a surefire way to make personal connections!

5. Listen

Genuinely listening is rare in business these days. When a customer makes a comment, reply matching their tone. It doesn’t have to be life-alteringly poetic, just acknowledge their sentiment. For example, if a caller stumbles when giving you their phone number and gets embarrassed, share a chuckle with them: “That’s ok! I get tripped up too sometimes!” By honing your listening skills, you’ll be able to relate to your customers and can become better at detecting unexpressed needs. Offering your customer what they need even before they ask definitely shows you’re listening!

Why make personal connections?

Even if you’re separated by 3,000 miles of telephone wire, being open and genuinely looking for ways to help can create meaningful connections and set your business apart!

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