Creating Community During the Holidays

The holiday season is well upon us! Doesn’t it always seem like it sneaks up out of nowhere? This time of year brings equal measure joy and stress, so with that in mind we’ve compiled a handful of tips to help you foster happiness and create community through the New Year!

Start a New Tradition

How we celebrate the holidays changes over time and each year presents an opportunity to forge fun new traditions. Whether arranging a game night or screening a favorite holiday film, the possibilities are endless. Years ago, my friends and I began telling our favorite stories from the past year on New Year’s Eve. Now, regardless of where we are in the world, we always make sure to pass along our stories to one another. It’s such a lovely, simple way to stay connected and to continue to build our relationships.

Come Prepared to WOW

Learn a magic trick, or a riddle, or how to draw a cartoon animal! Holiday parties can be stressful and the power of a good, simple party trick may be all you need to create a WOW moment. I recall attending a holiday celebration a few years ago. After hours of turkey and mashed potatoes, the energy of the gathering had ground to a halt. Someone had the good sense to perform a card trick and the room was suddenly alive again with laughter and relief. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but having a go-to conversation starter in your back pocket or a fun group game has the power to foster happiness and make you a “Holiday Hero.”

Be Present

Celebrations can often mean sensory overload. The temptation to zone out when we’re feeling overwhelmed by environmental distractions can be strong. When these moments arise, try taking a deep breath and refocusing on the one thing that is most immediate to you; the conversation with your relative, the cranberry sauce you’re stirring, it could be anything! Little moments like these are what create the texture of the holidays so enjoy them as they’re happening to foster internal happiness!

Practice Gratitude

The holidays are, after all, about giving thanks, but how often do we think our gratitude without speaking it aloud? Having a sense of gratitude internally is so important, and this is the time of year to let it out! Tell your friend how much her support has always meant to you. Thank your barista for being so friendly and efficient. Call your family and remind them you love them. It is in these gestures that the joy of the season really blossoms and you build those important personal connections.

On behalf of everyone at Ruby, thank you for being you! Here’s to enjoying the bounty of the season and creating community.