Receptionist Etiquette Tip: Great First Impressions
Photo by Craig Dennis

When potential clients call your business, you want to be sure they’re met with a friendly, helpful voice, like those of our virtual receptionists. How does the Ruby® team make a great impression every time? Here are three tips from our telephone answering experts:

Greet gracefully. As the phone answering pros at Ruby know, a greeting is an opportunity to present your company and yourself well, offer assistance to your caller, and extend a bit of friendliness and goodwill, all within a few seconds. Don’t discount the importance of the first words your callers hear — check out these tips for making a great greeting!

Deflect with style. When you answer the phone, you’re on the front line for answering callers’ questions. Knowing all the answers may not be a must, but knowing how to respond is. Keep a few helpful phrases like these in your arsenal, so you’re ready to respond to any query:

     “Great question! Let me find out for you.”

     “I’d be happy to find out for you!”

     “Great question! Let me put you in touch with the best person to answer it.”

Don’t go easy on “please” and “thank you.” Being polite is one of the simplest ways to make a great impression on your callers. Look for opportunities to say “please” and “thank you,” and try using exuberant words like “Wonderful!” “Absolutely!” and “Certainly!” instead of “sure” or “okay.” You may only have a few words to share with your caller, so make them count!

How do you wow your callers from word one? Share your tips by commenting below!