3 Ways Clients Are Using Ruby’s Virtual Receptionist Service

How to use a remote receptionist
Receptionists Lauren A. & Mercedes S.

Our team of virtual receptionists answers phones for a variety of businesses every day, from companies with full-time receptionists to solo entrepreneurs. Though all of our clients are welcome to publish their Ruby® toll-free number as their own, many simply forward their existing number to us. And depending on their needs, they may do so differently. There are several ways to forward to Ruby, and each has its benefits:

  • All the time. Our bright team of virtual receptionists are the primary phone answerers for many businesses. Since we sound like we’re right in your office (even if you don’t have one!), Ruby provides a cheerful, unifying voice for your company.
  • When you decide. Many businesses like the flexibility of choosing when to forward to Ruby and when to unforward their lines. Perhaps you have a part-time employee who’s able to answer phones when they’re in the office. Or maybe you like answering calls yourself when you can, but you’d like us to answer when you have to step into a meeting. Ruby’s virtual receptionists happily answer your calls when it’s convenient for you – whether that’s a couple days a week or a few hours a day!
  • On a delayed basis. Still other Ruby clients have phone calls ring in their office a few times before rolling over to our team of virtual receptionists. Recognize an important caller ID? Feel free to grab it! Is someone at the door? Take your time greeting, seating, and treating your guest, with the peace of mind that Ruby will answer any calls with care. This is also a fabulous option if your in-house staff needs additional help with overflow!

Which method works best for your company?

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