3 Ways Ruby’s Virtual Receptionists Can Transfer Calls To You

Ruby®’s virtual receptionists are all about making life easier and happier for our clients and their callers. We’re more than a traditional answering service, and we like to show it by providing our clients with great call-handling options. Whether you’re looking for telephone answering help or already a happy Ruby customer, here are three ways our talented remote receptionists can transfer calls to you:

We can transfer calls without screening them. If you want to keep your receptionist minutes to a minimum, this is a great option. We’ll welcome every caller with the greeting of your choice, then politely connect callers to the person or department they’re seeking without screening the call. It goes a little something like this:

Receptionist: “Good afternoon. Thank you for calling ABC Company. How may I direct your call?”

Caller: “Hi, I’d like to speak to Peggy.”

Receptionist: “Certainly! I’ll connect you to Peggy’s line. Thank you!”

Then voilà! Our live virtual receptionist transfers the call to Peggy’s line!

We can screen and announce your calls. This is our most popular transfer style. We’ll screen your calls and offer them to you: “Hi, Peggy. This is Jane at Ruby. I have Jim on the line for you. Would you like the call?” If you’re available, we’ll connect the call (and you’ll hear the supercool Ruby beep!). Or, if you would like the receptionist to go back to the caller to gather additional information before transferring, she would be happy to do so. If you’re unavailable or away from your phone, we’ll happily assist your caller by taking a message, or offering voicemail, or following other instructions of your choice.

We can conference you and your caller together. This transfer style is like the above option, with the addition of a quick conference. We’ll screen the call and offer it to you: “Hi, Peggy! This is Jane at Ruby. I have Jim on the line for you. Would you like the call?” If you’re available to accept the call, we’ll conference everyone together and introduce you and your caller before connecting the two of you: “Hi, Jim! Peggy is on the line with you now.”

You’re welcome to choose one transfer style for your entire company, or customize instructions for each employee or department — we want to make sure your calls are fielded just as you’d like them to be!

Have any questions about Ruby Receptionists? We’d be thrilled to answer them! Give us a call at 866-611-7829, or leave comment below.

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