Voicemail Tips
Photo by Enokson

The live virtual receptionist team at Ruby® is packed with phone answering and message taking experts. A thoughtfully-worded voicemail greeting can help ensure that your callers leave quality messages even when our skilled virtual receptionists aren’t taking them.

It’s always best to state your name and company name in your voicemail greeting, so callers are sure they’ve been routed to the right voicemail box: “Hi! You’ve reached Diana at Ruby Receptionists.” But what else? Depending on your preferences, adding a bit more to your voicemail greeting can help you get the info you need and keep callers in-the-know.

Here are three things to think about adding to your voicemail greeting:

A time frame, or a request for one.

If you typically return calls within a certain length of time, do your callers a favor and let them know: “I’ll get back to you the following business day.” Or if you work certain hours or days, that may be helpful to share: “I’m in the office Monday through Wednesday, 9-5, and I’ll be happy to return your call as soon as I’m available.” Asking your callers to indicate the best time for a return call may be helpful, too: “If there’s a good time for a return call, just let me know!”

A request for specific information.

Callers will typically leave their names and telephone numbers at the beep. If additional information is helpful to you, let callers know — they’ll likely be happy to oblige:

“Please leave your name, telephone number, and account number, and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.”

“Please leave your name, telephone number, and company name. I’ll be happy to return your call!”

An alternative option.

If you have a voicemail box, it’s understood that you (eventually) listen to your messages and return calls. But is there a faster, more reliable way to reach you? Do you prefer a different form of communication? If you want callers to be able to get in touch with you quickly, let them know if there’s a better option:

“If you need to reach me right away, please call my cell at 866-611-7829.”

“For a faster response, please email me at staff@callruby.com.”

Up next week: Things you might want to add to your company-wide voicemail greeting. Stay tuned!