Photo by David Wilson

If you have a receptionist, or a stellar virtual receptionist team (ah-hem), you know your callers are taken care of during your business hours. But what about when the office is closed?

If your company uses a general voicemail box outside of your telephone answering hours, here are three helpful things to think about adding to the greeting:

Business hours (and other basic info). 

When you receive a call after hours, chances are your caller wants to know when you’ll be around. If your company has standard business hours, add them to your voicemail greeting. Stating your website address or fax number may be helpful, too. You know your callers best — think about what after-hours callers might want to know, and do them a favor by adding it to your voicemail greeting.

Alternative options.

Sure, your caller can leave a voicemail for your company or for an individual employee, but if there are other ways to get in touch with you and your co-workers that you’d prefer, feel free to point it out: “If you’d prefer to email any member of our staff, our company directory is available on our website at”

Although, if you’re a current Ruby client, keep in mind that all voicemail messages left after-hours are emailed to you immediately as a .wav file; you never have to wonder if you have a voicemail waiting!

An emergency option.

If you want urgent after-hours calls to be handled differently, include that information: “If this is an urgent issue, please call…” At Ruby®, we can set your business up with an after-hours phone tree that gives callers the option to be routed to an outside number in the case of emergencies: “If this is urgent, press 1 to be connected to the attorney.” We can direct those urgent calls wherever you want — your cell phone, your home phone, anywhere!

While you’re mulling over these tips for your after hours voicemail, feel free to check out our previous post, 3 Things to Consider Adding to Your Voicemail Greeting, for suggestions on how to structure your personal greeting and ensure quality messages!