Photo by R. Reeves

It’s busy in the business world! Phone calls to make, documents to read, messages to sort through, and, of course, lots of emails to compose. Each virtual receptionist at Ruby is great at making every exchange a positive one, no matter how hectic the day feels. Our phone answering team knows that little details make a big difference in setting a professional, friendly tone, and that’s why we recommend including these three little things in your email:

  1. A Greeting. It may seem frivolous with a short message, but our virtual receptionists suggest adding a greeting to every email. A little courtesy goes a long way! A friendly greeting does wonders for setting the tone of your email. Greetings never take away from your message, and they add a welcoming feel. Who doesn’t like to feel welcome?
  2. A Closing. Just like a greeting, a closing adds class to your email. Your closing doesn’t have to be stuffy — sure, Sincerely is an excellent closing, but so are Best wishes and Have a wonderful afternoon and Happy weekend, and tons of others. While you’re at it, follow your closing with a signature, even if that just means typing your first name. Here’s a signature suggestion: If you don’t have a standard signature with all your contact information, take the time to type any telephone numbers or addresses below your name if you reference them in the body of your email.
  3. A meaningful subject line. If you’re replying to a message, don’t modify the subject line (and don’t delete any part of the message thread). But when drafting a new message, put some thought into your subject. Short stuff like Hi! isn’t helpful, and super-long subjects can be a drag. What does your message convey? Make your subject a brief summary of your message content, so your recipient can glance at it and get the gist. Before you send your message, ask yourself this: If you were scanning through your “Sent” folder, would you recognize the message by its subject? If not, take another crack at it.

What do you like to see in the messages you receive? What details make your day? We’d love to know!