Follow every phone call with an emailAt Ruby® Receptionists, we’re not just about phone answering — from our virtual receptionists to our managers, the entire Ruby crew is constantly seeking new ways to impress our clients, our callers, and everyone we interact with. We’re not your typical answering service, and we’re always looking for ways to show it. One way our Client Happiness Team shows their devotion to excellent customer service is by following every phone call from a client with an email to that client. Here are three reasons why you might want to do the same:

  1. To reiterate information. A follow-up email is a great way to make sure your client is heading in the right direction. If you relayed a telephone number, web address, email address, driving directions, or, well, just about anything during your conversation, do your client a favor and send an email with that same information. A post-call email is the perfect way to confirm an important date or meeting, à la “Nice chatting with you today! I’m looking forward to our lunch on the 12th.”
  2. To provide additional information. Forget to mention a bit of helpful info during your conversation? No worries! Include it in your follow-up. It takes just a minute or two to write an email, and the information you include might be a big boon to your client. Who doesn’t appreciate a bit of extra help?
  3. To wow ’em. Maybe there’s more you’d like to say after a phone call ends, and maybe not — it really doesn’t matter. Regardless of whether it’s four paragraphs or just a few words, a thoughtful follow-up email is an excellent way to show your client you care. Kind sentiment goes a long way these days, and considering how easy it is to send an email, there’s just no reason not to follow a conversation with a friendly message. And you don’t have to rack your brain coming up with something to write — a simple “It was great to talk to you” goes a long way.

Do you follow up every phone call with an email? Tell us how it’s working for you on Twitter @callruby!

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