Our virtual receptionist team knows that little actions often make a very positive impact. One easy way to go above and beyond is by sending FYI messages: brief messages intended to give heads-up, or answer potential questions before they’re asked. If telephone answering and message taking are part of your work routine, the remote receptionists at Ruby® recommend sending FYI messages in these situations:

When your caller declines to leave a message.

Here’s the funny thing: you know that caller who keeps trying to reach your boss, but says “Oh, I’ll just try back” each time, declining to leave a message? When that caller finally reaches the boss, she’s liable to say “I’ve called several times! Didn’t your receptionist tell you?” Zing! When a caller opts not to leave a message, play it safe and take one anyway: “Maria declined to leave a message. She said she’d call back later. Just an FYI.”

When you transfer a caller to voicemail.

Our virtual receptionists send clients a brief message any time a caller is connected to voicemail. Occasionally, callers may get distracted and end up not leaving a message after they’ve been transferred. Imagine how impressed they’ll be when they receive a return call anyway, simply because of your thoughtful FYI: “Just wanted to let you know I connected Mr. Significant to your voicemail.”

When a missed call may be noticed.

Let’s say a caller asks to speak with your teammate. You try your teammate’s cell phone, but there’s no answer. When you return to the caller, you find you’re able to answer the caller’s questions, and the call wraps up nicely. Because your teammate may wonder about the missed call, we recommend sending a quick message in situations like this: “I tried your line with this call, but ended up being able to help the caller. Just an FYI in case you noticed the missed call.”

Our phone answering pros find FYI messages are an easy way to be proactive and helpful. What little steps do you take to wow your team?