Phone call etiquetteAs you’ve probably guessed, we’re big fans of phones here at Ruby®, and our live virtual receptionists know a thing or two about making the most of a telephone conversation. Email is great, but we’ve found that live telephone answering makes spreading cheer a cinch. Chatting on the phone is an easy way to convey an upbeat attitude, provide help, answer questions, solve problems, and really connect with someone. When you want to wow a business associate, we suggest calling instead of emailing, and here are three opportunities to do just that:

  1. Call when you anticipate questions. Whether the subject you’re addressing is simple or complex, it’s best to call when you know your associate will probably have questions about it. Addressing questions over the phone is much easier and usually quicker than bouncing a bunch of emails back and forth. Calling allows you to cover your bases in one shot, and you’ll come away from the conversation knowing that your associate gets it.
  2. Call when it’s complicated. Ever find yourself writing a lengthy, potentially confusing email, struggling to convey all the pertinent details? If the information you need to relay is difficult to explain in writing, it’s probably better addressed in conversation. It’s tough to know just what info your associate needs in order to understand an issue, so rather than trying to guess, just pick up the phone and let ’em tell you. If you write, you might not include all the necessary information, or you might include way too much detail. But when you call, your associate can guide you with questions, and easily confirm their understanding.
  3. Call when the subject’s a touchy one. If your associate seems upset, or if you think they might become upset, call instead of writing. Expressing tone isn’t always easy in email, and if the person you’re communicating with isn’t in the best mood, they may read negativity into a message even if your tone is in top form. Don’t gamble on getting the right tone across in email. Call instead, and give yourself the opportunity to impress your associate with your friendliness and understanding.

For an even bigger impression, after you’ve made that phone call, wow your colleague or client with an email, too!

When do you opt to call instead of email? We’d love to add your awesome tips to our receptionist etiquette arsenal!