Customer Service Tips: Connecting with Customers

Looking for ways to connect with your customers? Here are 10 surefire ways to cultivate a lasting connection:

  1. Birthdays. Send a handwritten birthday card. Throw in free service that day for an extra WOW!
  2. New babies. Send a congratulatory card or a new baby gift. Follow up at Mother’s/Father’s Day with another card full of well-wishes.
  3. Moving offices. Send a plant, gift basket of tasteful office supplies, or a gift card to a restaurant near their new digs.
  4. Things you have in common. Did both of you grew up in the same small town? You both are die-hard bacon aficionados? Send a link to a news article about what you have in common, along with a note saying, “Thought you might find this interesting.”
  5. Awards and big deals inked. Send your own branded award certificate or have a trophy made commemorating the occasion.
  6. Landmark achievements. Did your client just finish a marathon? Played their personal best round of golf? Did one of their children just graduate from college? A lot of hard work and dedication got them there! Give them a shoutout on Facebook or Twitter.
  7. Hobbies and interests. Next time you get a chance to talk with them, ask them if they’ve been able to go white water rafting lately or how their garden is doing. They’ll be touched you remembered and will love to chat about it!
  8. Favorite sports team. Send a congrats email next time their team wins a big game!
  9. Spouses and family member names. A small courtesy that is often overlooked these days, asking how their spouse or child is doing by name can help cement your connection.
  10. When they’re under the weather. Send a notecard wishing them well. Mailing a box of herbal tea along with that card adds another touch of thoughtfulness.

Like these tips? Print them out and hang them at your desk to keep them top-of-mind all year long. Download a handout on SlideShare.