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Thousands of small businesses trust Ruby to help them boost their customer service!

  • “What I enjoy most about Ruby Receptionists is their happy attitude. You can hear the smile in their voices. Really. And clients love that. Combine that with the wonderful phone app that lets me update my status and get my messages anywhere, and you have one heckuva great company.”

    —Jerry Simoneaux, Simoneaux and Watson

    Jerry Simoneaux, Simoneaux and Watson - Ruby Receptionists
  • “Ruby has been a life-saver (and company-saver) for me. In the field I’m in, if you don’t answer the phone, the client calls the next person on their list. Ruby ensures my clients and future clients talk to a live person and Ruby gives the message to me immediately so I can call them as soon as I’m free. I’m a very satisfied customer!”

    —Sheila Rambeck, Rambeck Law

    Sheila Rambeck, Rambeck Law - Ruby Receptionists
  • “As a geeky startup who was focusing on coding, we weren’t answering our phone calls as best as we could have. Thanks to Ruby, all of our phone calls get answered and our customers are loving the friendly voice on the other end of the phone!”

    —Michael Folling, ActivityRez

    Marketing Client Michael Folling, ActivityRez - Ruby Receptionists
  • “I am so, so, so impressed with how friendly, thorough, and consistently trained everyone is at Ruby. Ruby is just this amazingly well run machine. I think every small business should have Ruby because it’s a live person answering the phone, every time, and it’s so much less expensive.”

    —Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess

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