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Ruby at the Twilio SIGNAL Conference

Event Description

SIGNAL, Twilio’s developer conference in San Francisco, CA, is taking place on Wednesday, May 24th, and Thursday, May 25th, 2017. Topics include mobile, security, machine learning & AI, IoT, and serverless infrastructure.

Steve Severance, Ruby Receptionists VP of Engineering
Katharine Nester, Ruby Receptionists Chief Product and Technology Officer

We’re very excited that two Ruby team members—our Chief Product and Technology Officer, Katherine Nester and VP of Engineering, Steve Severance—will be hosting a breakout session at the event. Stop by on day 2 at 5:45 pm for A Blueprint for Delighting your Customers at Scale! This session is all about creating a blueprint for delivering exceptional, WOW-worthy service. We’ll be discussing how Ruby uses Twilio’s Sip Trunk and Programmable Voice to scale the foundation of the Ruby Service Pyramid as well as TwiML and web hooks to deliver on delight at the top of the pyramid. We hope to see you there!

Event Details

May 25, 2017
5:45pm - 6:45pm
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