WOW callers and win business with Ruby Receptionists for solopreneurs

The virtual receptionist for the modern solopreneur

100% live phone answering service

Never Miss a Call

With Ruby, you get a phone number and live receptionist service for one low price.

Outbound calling & call answering

Work the Way You Want

Make and receive calls from your business line with the Ruby mobile app!

Grow your financial business

Win Business

Choose when to hold calls, answer them, or route them to Ruby’s receptionists!

Small business customer service

Wow your Callers

Stand apart from the competition with WOW-worthy customer experiences on every call.

Improve productivity with an answering service

Integrated into Your Day

Take control of your day and sync your Ruby service with your contacts and calendars.

See how it works

A phone number for your business

Coming Soon

Texting to and from your business number in the Ruby app!

Win Business Even When You’re Busy

The Ruby mobile app keeps you in control—whether you’re at home or on the go.

  • Turn your Ruby coverage on and off, using Ruby only when you need it
  • Make calls right from the mobile app, from your personal or business line
  • Integrate your service with your contacts and calendar
  • Stay up to date with real-time notifications
  • Hold calls with the tap of a button

Discover the Ruby Mobile App

Keep personal and professional communications separate, but in the same place.

Turn your phone into your most important business tool with two phone lines on a single smart phone. When you port your business line to Ruby, you can:

  • Save on your phone bill
  • Turn Ruby on and off from your mobile app
  • Make outbound calls from your business phone number on your mobile phone
  • Text from your business phone number on your mobile phone
  • Never need a landline again!

Thousands of businesses trust Ruby to help them grow!

  • “I work out of my house, so it makes it appear as though my business is much larger. People respond with a higher level of respect for my time rather than thinking I’m a one-person firm whom they can call anytime.”

    —Karin Conroy, Conroy Consults

    Karin Conroy, Conroy Consults - Ruby Receptionists
  • “Ruby has been a life-saver (and company-saver) for me. In the field I’m in, if you don’t answer the phone, the client calls the next person on their list. Ruby ensures my clients and future clients talk to a live person and Ruby gives the message to me immediately so I can call them as soon as I’m free. I’m a very satisfied customer!”

    —Sheila Rambeck, Rambeck Law

    Sheila Rambeck, Rambeck Law - Ruby Receptionists
  • “I love Ruby! They make me look good, keep costs in check, and always respond promptly. You just cannot replace the value of a live, professional person to answer your calls, especially if you’re in a high-touch service business, and with Ruby, you don’t have to.”

    —Frank Molinar, Molinar and Co Financial Advocates

    Frank Molinar, Molinar and Co Financial Advocates - Ruby Receptionists

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