Helping marketing agencies build trust from the very first call.

Research shows potential clients are making more calls than ever,
and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Benefits for Marketers

Win business with stellar first impressions

Your phone experience is a powerful touchpoint for your clients. Ruby® answers 100% of your business hour calls live, ensuring your callers always reach a friendly, professional receptionist excited to deliver an exceptional first impression.

Increase productivity to focus on what you do best

With call-handling instructions customized to your needs, you’ll be able to step away from the phone and let your creativity flow without interruptions—increasing your productivity while still providing clients with excellent experiences.

Save money without sacrificing quality

Whether you’re a digital marketing, creative, or web design agency, being strategic about your budget is key to success. With Ruby, you get a team of model employees at a fraction of the cost. Plus, we’re never sick, late, or on vacation.

Everything you need, right at your fingertips

All you need to run your marketing agency is Ruby and a cell phone! With the Ruby mobile app you can select what calls we answer, set your status, and receive real-time updates and notifications—empowering you to focus on your client work.

Delighting clients in different time zones

Is your small marketing or advertising agency fielding calls from clients all over the country? Our optional extended hours service extends our live phone answering to 5am-9pm Pacific and adds Saturday and Sunday service from 6am-6pm, so you can capture clients in different time zones!

Ruby, your all-around productivity champion

With the Ruby mobile app, you’ll always know how much time was spent on client calls—ensuring you can bill your clients accurately to maximize revenue. Detailed call records, with messages and voicemails, are automatically stored for your records.

Crafting powerful messaging is your business.

Start turning callers into clients with Ruby today!

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Marketers Share Their Stories

  1. Matt Heinz iconMatt Heinz
  2. Michael Reynolds iconMichael Reynolds
  3. Karin Conroy iconKarin Conroy

“Our investment in Ruby has been worth every penny. It’s impossible to put a price on how well our callers are received, how impressive it makes us sound, and how much time and hassle this takes off of our plates. Ruby saves everyone on our team hours per month, but more importantly it helps reinforce our reputation and brand, and helps us win new business.”

—Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing Inc

Marketing Client, Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing, Inc - Ruby Receptionists

“Ruby is absolutely AWESOME! We love them. I have tested out a number of receptionist services and Ruby is hands-down the best I have ever seen. We started receiving compliments from our clients the first week we signed up. You will love them.”

—Michael Reynolds, SpinWeb

Marketing Client, Michael Reynolds, SpinWeb - Ruby Receptionist

“I work out of my house, so it makes it appear as though my business is much larger. People respond with a higher level of respect for my time rather than thinking I’m a one-person firm whom they can call anytime.”

—Karin Conroy, Conroy Consults

Karin Conroy, Conroy Consults - Ruby Receptionists

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