Call Answering and Forwarding with Ruby Receptionists

With Ruby’s live virtual receptionist service you have the power to answer calls wherever, whenever—and forward them when you’re not available.

Ruby® Receptionists is your live call answering and forwarding solution. Instead of reaching an automated recording, your callers will speak with a live professional, trained in the art of customer service. Our virtual receptionists coupled with the innovative Ruby App give you the freedom to focus. Control your workflow by choosing when to answer, when to forward, and which calls are a priority.  You can forward calls during business hours, after hours, set up delayed call forwarding, or just forward when you feel like it!

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Control and forward calls from your smart phone!

Call answering and forwarding has never been easier. With Ruby you can:

  • Host your number with Ruby and escape your phone bill
  • Forward calls to Ruby and ensure callers always reach a live, friendly voice
  • Choose when you want to forward, answer, or route calls to voicemail
  • Make outbound calls or send text messages from your personal or business phone number
  • Relay information to callers through your receptionists
  • Create and update your call-handling instructions on the go

Forward Your Calls Your Way

Call forwarding allows you to redirect, or forward, your incoming calls to an alternate phone number and, at Ruby, you have options.

  • Forward all calls through a Ruby receptionist
  • Send calls to Ruby exclusively during business hours
  • Forward afterhour calls to a receptionist, voicemail, or your cell phone
  • Forward calls only when you don’t pick up after a couple rings
  • Turn call forwarding on and off whenever you like from the Ruby app

Take control of your day with Ruby Receptionists.

100% live phone answering service

Forward to Ruby.

Ruby’s virtual receptionists can do warm transfers, screen calls, and more—all while impressing your callers!

Improve productivity with an answering service

Your Status, Your Way.

You decide when we answer, live transfer, take messages, or send your callers to voicemail.

Small business customer service

Get More for Less.

With Ruby, you get our live service, a business phone number, and more for a fraction of the cost of an on-site hire!

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