Conversation Makeover: Guide Callers to Great Experiences

Directional Sign

Guiding is one of the first skills our receptionists learn, and it’s a tool they use during nearly every call. When you guide a caller, you explain what you’re doing and why, provide context, and determine the direction of the call. That may sound complex, but often, a well-placed question or two is all it takes to guide a caller.

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Client Spotlight: ActivityRez

Michael Folling, Marketing Manager

Dream Big. Start Small.” That’s the motto of the 2015 National Small Business Week, and we are celebrating our clients who live that motto every day.

ActivityRez has been a Ruby client for more than three years, and we’ve seen them grow a great deal in that time. We chatted with Marketing Manager Michael Folling about ActivityRez’s work helping small businesses in the tourism industry. Continue reading >


Conversation Makeover: Show You’re Listening, Show You Care

speech bubbles

At Ruby, we view every telephone call we answer as an opportunity to create a meaningful connection with another person. Most of the calls our talented receptionists handle are brief, but we’ve learned a conversation doesn’t have to be long to be impactful. A few conversational tweaks can take an everyday exchange from okay to outstanding—even if it lasts for just a matter of seconds.

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Client Spotlight: LoBiondo Law Offices

Juliana LoBiondoJuliana LoBiondo and her husband are the owners of a small, but busy, law firm in Newburgh, New York. Their practice focuses on family law, immigration, personal injury, criminal defense, and a full range of mediation services. Both have been lawyers for 25 years ,and greatly enjoy owning their own small family business. Ruby has been answering calls for LoBiondo Law Offices since May of 2014, and we’re delighted to share our chat with Juliana in today’s Client Spotlight! Continue reading >


4 Tips For Building Customer Trust

businessmen on planks

As a child of the 80’s (and a Chicago native), it should surprise no one that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  is one of my favorite films. There’s a moment in the film when Ferris stops being his goofy self, and makes a profound statement about growing up:

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and take a look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

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WOW Story of the Month: A New Title

Tara Hammond

Problem Solver & Happiness Maker, Tara Hammond

Ruby values happiness and practicing “WOWism”, right down to our fun and unique job titles. Each receptionist team has a name—“Blazing Rubys”, “Gems”, to a name a few—while other departments include titles such as “Happiness Concierge” and “Ambassador of WOWism.” These titles are purposefully chosen to reflect our brand and, most importantly, never fail to surprise and delight our clients.

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